Our platform is based on a permissioned network blockchain architecture. 

Interaction on the platform is between known and identifiable participants who have to be explicitly granted membership.

A private, secure, and tamper-proof blockchain ledger keeps a record of every piece of data.

Why a permissioned blockchain?


Only pre-vetted members are allowed on the platform, thus ensuring that trading is between known and trusted parties


Members can only access data on the ledger that is pertinent to their account and transactions

Smart contracts

Application code running on top of the ledger maintains the set of rules to which the counterparties agreed to when the trade was modeled and created


Counterparties can interact securely with each other on transactions

Dedicated Marketplaces

Deploy individual discreet and secure networks, each dedicated to a specific industry or trading group.

Quick, Smart, Secure Solution

Digital Asset Trading Exchange

Commodity Trading Exchange



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